Dev Blog – The Beggining

One of the suggested ways of gaming an audience and motivation though projects is to start a dev blog, broadcasting to the world your latest feature.

I’m kinda doing this backwards, and documenting my games development over the past year. Here’s the first 4 days (The honeymoon period)

Day 1
After playing The Space Game  (Flash), I wanted to recreate a similar experience on my phone. So I started off eager and bright and got the node linking system in, which would provide power to my buildings.

Day 2
I forgot to take a screen-shot of progress this day, but I think it was mostly the back end building classes I wrote this day, and not much else.
Day 3:

As you can see its still running in the emulator with the cornflower blue background, By this point I had the basic building menu and credit meter implemented, buildings could be placed by dragging the icons onto the screen.

Day 4

I updated the background to render to black, to be a bit more spacey, and implemented the mining aspect of the game, mining the asteroid would increment the credits. Which allows additional buildings to be purchased


To be continued…



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