EA Pulls Rock Band IOS

Oh, Thanks!

Talk about shady business practices, while I admit I’m no fan of EA, this is a new low even by their standards.

I have no problem ending online play after a few years, I understand servers cost money etc, that’s fine.

Rock band IOS came out in 2009, a fair while ago, so what’s the problem?
Well this takes it a step further, and it locks you out of not just multiplayer but single player. Customers up until April 30th have be able to buy the game hoping with the notion of being able to play it so long as they have their device/ITunes’s account, Only for EA to turn around and use some EULA guff to say that these gamers were only HIRING the game. So if your some of the really unlucky ones you would of spent ¬£4.99 to play this game for a total of 31 days.

One then questions what kind of business deliberately codes a separate lockout mechanism for single player, away from the ITunes ecosystem (That lets you keep apps even if their deleted from the store so long as you don’t delete them).

Also need to remind you that they did this exact same manoeuvre a little over a year ago, by killing their old Tetris game to force people to buy their new Tetris game that came out little more than 2 weeks later.

I wonder what EA can possibly gain from this, as this can only abolish customers trust in their brand.

I lay a prediction in the coming week EA will announce that the message only referred to online play, after the storm of the Internet lashes back.

If you have rock band on IOS I strongly recommend you loge a complaint using iTunes, and if you only brought it last month ask for a refund, and take a mental note for the future!

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