King Pirate

King Pirate was a game developed in 26 hours straight at the X48 GamerCamp competition in Birmingham, UK.
The theme ‘Discovery’ was given to us on the Friday morning, we had to design and create a game by midday Saturday.
I was with my friend Paul Thomas, and we were the only team of 2 that produced a game in the event.
I took the task of programming, and Paul took the task of Graphic

The player takes control of a pirate ship, who has to explore the 7 seas, colonizing islands, gathering resources and finding all the 10 pieces of treasure.

Along the way the player can build a shipyard to reuse the found treasure for ship upgrades and improvements.
The objective of the game is to find all 10 peices of treasure without running out of supplies.


We set small target for our game, given we only had 2 members, unfortunate due to many setbacks the game is complete but lacks any replayability or interesting features, I would love to work on this in the near future and work on making it a true game for windows mobile or XBLA.


X48 (Skydrive)

This is the developmental log of the event, I took a screenshot roughly every 3 hours of the games progress:

We knew we wanted a ship based game, so initially I worked on the ship mechanics, rotating and moving around the screen.

I later worked on a method for the ship to dock with an island, I opted to use per-pixle testing

The insomnia started to get to me, this picture taken 10 minutes to midnight on Friday, I forgot to apply the timestamps. I worked on a HUD and fixed the collision (which took a good 2 hours)

3am – Starting to drift in and out of consciousness, eyes hurting from staring at the monitor for 17 hours, I got the menu system in and worked on a progress bar when the player is collecting supplies

Unknown time – I finished the menu in the early hours of the morning, wonderful artwork from Paul

10am day 2 – the ship’s wake effect was implemented, and the treasure and ship upgrade mechanics were inbuilt. No more time to add features, or enemies.

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