Mini Golf Mod

Mini golf addon and starter map (mg_minigolf_b1) map, enables revolutionary play of mini golf within the first person shooter Counter Strike SourceTM , It features 20 holes, full par scoring and feedback, high scores, shot power and ball management, allowing complete automation within the map. Clients for the server connect and automatically download a single compressed 22mb map file and then can play with no action/modification by the clients.

Players join teams of 4, and compete between themselves, and as a team to complete the course first.
The plugin intercepts client controls meaning clients do not have to bind any keys, using the default cs:s layout the controls would be as follows:

Right Click: Pick shot power
R: Reset ball to start
Tab: Show custom score menu

Chat Commands:
!lost: Teleport self to the current hole
!c: Pick shot power
!s: Reset ball to start
!colour: Change player and ball colour
!switch: Change Team

Level design, modeling and scripting by Jack (icepick66) Dye.
Textures By: Gecko, mixerman3d, valve, aspi, Komaokc
Foliage models by:  necko,  shiroko, cheroke

Tools used:
Adobe Photoshop 7: Texturing
Source SDK: Level Design, and asset conversion for the source engine
XSI: Custom prop modeling and UV mapping.
Notepad++: Python script authoring

Currently the mod is broken with the recent updates to Counter Strike Source, the script is being rewritten in Source Mod and will have several additional new features such as better aiming, shot power and camera control:


Hole and Par List

Windmill level, with a player taking a shot and my custom straw umbrella model, made in XSI.

Loop the loop model, made by myself, and the fake rotating fan decal animated to simulate dynamic shadowing within the source 2007 engine.

Inclined plain level, using textures with normal maps and specular made by geko to give a realistic metalic effect.


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