A refugee reuniting service
Finalist project for the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2010.

In 2010 I teamed up with Jordan Turnbull to solve one of the worst problems in times of natural disaster,
Using a combination of technology, from radios, to kiosks, we proposed a solution to Microsoft as an imagine cup entry, to help reunite loved ones separated in natural disaster..

We based our project around Hati, a disaster that occurred during development; we wanted to develop a system the general population of Hati could use.
Problems we had to solve included:

Low litracy rate – Text based systems are useless in a nation that cannot read/write
Language independent – Hati comprises of many different spoken languages
Cheap – Hati being one of the poorest country’s in the world needed affordable solution
Wide Area Coverage – The population was dispersed over a large area

From this our core goals were to:

Ensure Literacy Independency
Use Existing Technology
And Reach as many people as possible

UK Imagine Cup – Software Design Challange Finalist 2010

What does it do?:
Is a voice recording distribution service that allows people to record short, 10s messages of people reaching out to their loved ones. These recordings are portable, and can be accessed through kiosks, on the web, on mobile phones and heard on the radio.
See our presentation for more information on how the system works.

Simply run the server application on the machine you want to be the server (can be the same as the kiosk machine), it’ll guide you through setting the server up.
Then run the Kiosk application on the machine you want to be a Kiosk, it’ll guide you through setting the kiosk up.

This is released under GNU, it’s free to deploy and use, and develop for non-commercial purposes.

Binary / Source (SkyDrive)





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