RA2 and Yuri’s revenge on Windows 7

In this post I aim to explain how to get Red alert 2 and Yuri’s revenge working on Windows 7


1. Running on win 7
2. Lan Play
3. Lan Patch issues
4. Copyprotection
5. Maps

Getting RA2/YR to run on Windows 7:

If when starting RA2:YR on Windows vista or Windows 7 you are greeted with:
***FATAL*** String Manager Failed to Initialize Properly

In vista the simple trick was to right click and run the game as an administrator. This allowed the game to access the stringmanager dlls.

Windows 7
For me only disabling User account control (UAC) worked. This is because uac is a lot more forceful in windows 7 and won’t allow RA2.exe to access the string manager .dll’s in the windows directory.

 To do this fix:

1) Open control panel
2) Click users
3) Click Modify User access control settings.
4) Set the status to “Never notify”
5) Accept the series of warnings.
6) Reboot your machine.

You can now run RA2:YR once your computer reboots.
If this fails to work first time, It might be an idea to enable windows 2000 compatibility mode on every exe in the ra2 folder.
After playing Yuri its recommended you turn UAC back on, Repeat the steps above, setting it back to the default setting:

Lan Play

Without the fuss of Hamachi 2.0

At the time of Vista, Microsoft had stopped supporting the IPX protocol, which is required by RA2 to perform network play. Luckily some bright sparks managed to hack the games code to make it run on the UDP protocol, which all machines support!
This is dubbed as the lan patch.
There are 2 ways to obtain the lan patch (depending on your boxed copy)

First Decade Patch

If you have “The first decade” version of Yuri, its easiest if you get the unofficial 1.03 patch. Google “TFD 1.03” or click below.
This allows you to play without the need of the TFD disk (unbelievably useful)!
More importantly, it contains the lan patch, and installs it all for you! It replaces the network dll (wsock.dll) to use UDP instead of IPX.


RA2:YR Boxset

If you are lucky enough to have the orignal box set, you’ll need the stand alone IPX->UDP patch.
Download below, unzip, and place the wsock.dll in the “…/westwood/ra2” folder overwriting the existing wsock.dll.


However, both methods share the same drawback:
2 modified wsock.dlls cannot talk to eachother in Internet play (lan play is fine however).
If you try, your game will disconnect as soon as you exit the game lobby with a black screen.

A simple fix however:

To Play over the internet:
Rename wsock.dll in the ra2 folder to disable it (i.e wsock.dis)

To Play over a LAN:
Then name wsock.dis back (wsock.dll)

Units blow up at the start of the game?

If your units blow up every time you start the game, you have to reinstall.
This is due to the anti piracy switch in the game; If same 2 cd keys see each other (LAN or Internet), as they will trigger the switch causing your units to blow up at the start of every game. I’m not sure if there’s a registry key to revert the change without having to reinstall.

But for me a quick reinstall works, or you could download a crack to remove the piracy switch altogether.


If you ever want to install additional maps, Simply place the map file (.mix) in the ra2 folder:


If you wish to make your own maps for Red Alert 2 Yuri’s revenge, a official map editor exists:


Using the map editor, you can create levels for Yuris Revenge and Red alert 2 in both single player and multiplayer.

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  1. i followed the instructions on how to get yuri’s revenge working, but i still have the problem of the game not working, it starts fully, but the menu isnt there just music,
    do you have any suggestions? thanks

    1. Hey Liam,
      This is an issue with certain in-built graphics cards (Intel GMA), I’ve had this exact same issue on a Windows 7 laptop, unfortunately I never looked if there was a fix to get the menu to show.
      One Method I used however is to alt tab out of the game, and tab back into it to get an updated screen-shot of the menu, once you’ve managed to get into a game you should be able to see and play normally 🙂

      It’s a bugger, Perhaps if you ran in windowed mode it’ll work:

  2. Question: is there a fix for the freeze problem? About halfway a Yuri’s Revenge skirmish game the game would just freeze up on me.

    I have the original European disks, applied patch 1.001 to Yuri and some other tinkering but no succes…

    1. Unfortunately I haven’t encountered the freezing you describe, and Patch 1.001 is the latest so there doesn’t seem much else you can try.
      Other than If you’re on Windows 7, you could try XP mode: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/download.aspx
      and see if that fixes the issue. (This installs a virtual copy of windows XP that you can run applications in on Win7)
      Its a pretty hefty work around however, and I’m not sure if it works with games. Good luck!

  3. I followed all of the instructions but still the game doesn’t work, it says: fails to initialize please reinstall the game! can you please help me with that?

  4. I’ve managed to succesfully patch a legal The First Decade installation, but I cannot get online play to work. I’ve tried with both YR and RA2 and the servers cannot be found. What can I do to start playing online? I know before I had it working with himachi, but it seems it should be easier know that UDP is enabled.

    1. Strike-team.net is the community that runs the Ra2 online these days. As far as im aware they should still be up and running, remember when creating your account for online play your password must be exactly 8 charaters long.

      the UDP patch won’t affect your ability to connect, but may affect you being able to play with other people online.
      so it might be a firewall/router issue

  5. This didnt work…

    New way of making it work in W7 64 bit

    1) right click gamemd.exe, select run as administrator
    2) right click yuri.exe, select run as administrator

    Game works fine, no need to load patch or change settings

  6. Joe if you have big screen set lower screen resolution,etc way you can check on youtube, i saw there something with changing monitor type or something.I think i saw too some options to can help,Anyway put this option to yours ra2.ini and ra2md.ini in entry [VIdeo] 1 line down type this VideoBackBuffer=no and save/game must be off/ is small patch blowing lags.Hm my problem with Yuri is i atack with floating disk chrono miner on moment when he teleport and my pc freezed/required restart/,before other 1 bug chrono legionar ifv`s /6/ atack 1 target game exit,i dont know how to repair that,also i think i never again find this forum.

    1. You need IPX installed if your on windows XP, or use the TCP/IP patch in this post if your on vista/xp, go to settings->Network, and select a network adapter that does not have 00:00:00:00 at the start
      do the same on the other pc and you should be able to see each-other, if not try a different network adapter.
      If you have the same serial, you wont be able to see eachother, and the game’s anti piracy will kick in… meaning you’ll have to reinstall the game.
      You can get a serial from GOG or other places.

  7. Hi, I need some help. I can see the other player but when I try to create a new game, it doesnt work. I cant see the game in the lobby. please help me 🙁 thanks

  8. I patcched the game RA2 on windows 7 x64 using Wsock.dll , now i can open network lobby but i cant creat a new game or join my friend game , there is only one button “join” , it is supposed to contain two buttons , “new” and “join”

    i need help please

  9. this is brilliant, although my issue is with RA2 and not YR.

    It used to run; until v.recently when it simply stopped launching… I tinkered; had no luck, did an uninstall (I have a reissue of the game w disks + a legit key in the box) …

    …and now I cannot reinstall the game at all.

    There seems to be no way to do this; there is also an alt install by the folk who re-released the game but I do not trust this and am trying to use only the original westwood installer; can get the old school pop up to appear but then the disk spins up… and then stops- it just won’t install.

    I’ve disabled mse and uae [this is a different pc!] thinking that might be the problem, but it simply won’t install for me enough to put in the key/ run the game and it’s mad- why would it work a month ago and not now, and how can I reinstall something that will not install the files from cs???

    Please help- I’m no really technical but have messed about with things like this for ages.

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