Save paper, Use XPS

Ever made an online purchase/booking, and wanted keep a receipt, but can’t really afford the paper? I learnt this near trick a while ago, and will save you loads of time, effort and ink.

Microsoft Windows has a capability to print to a file, without needing any plugins or 3rd party software, a copy of your printout is saved to the file which can be viewed at a later date, backed up, or even printed again when you next have access to a printer.
The feature is called XPS and it’s in every version of Windows since XP.

How to use it?

You may have noticed Microsoft XPS Document writer listed as a printer in your printer control panel, basically open the print dialog as you would normally do, and instead of selecting your physical printer select the XPS Document Writer:

Click Print, and a save file dialog box will open, choose a file name and location and hit save:

It’ll instantly print to the .xps file you specified, and you can then access the digital print out by opening that file:

From here you can retrieve the information, or print out a physical copy at a later date by clicking the print icon. It’s also a really useful way to preview how the document is going to look on paper without wasting paper and ink. XPS’s can be backed up, emailed and copied to ensure your receipts are safe.

Hopefully you’ll find many uses for this tip!

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