Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaner is the latest version of my source engine cleaner suites, (perquisites: Counter strike source cleaner and team fortress 2 cleaner).
This version is capable of cleaning 5 games. It works by removing the temporary files generated each time a source engine game is played, freeing up of space depending on the frequency of use of the games. It also features threading to speed the deletion process up. Made in visual 2008

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Free to use donorware
Source is released under GPL, You may use/build upon it for Non-Commercial use only. Provided you give credit to the original author.


Change log

24/03/08: 1.5.0
+ Added support for Garry’s mod
+ Added warning to map last played option

08/12/08: 1.4.0
+ Fixed “Tempoary” spelling error
+ Added file size counts, now displays how much it deletes
+ Slightly Changed finished message
+ Fixed bug where controls would not lock if switched to an account without
any games and possible crash as a result

05/12/08: 1.3.5
+ New Skin
+ Updated readme

04/12/08: 1.3.3
+ Fixed 3 spelling errors

04/12/08: 1.3.2
+ Added game overlay crash log deletion
+ Protected tf2 media folder, bug would cause extended load time on first run after cleaning
+ Added support for tf2, synergy, hl2dm
+ Map Size box added customise the min size to delete maps
+ Replaced known sounds with music (sizes over 3mb)
+ Added textures and mdl folder scans
+ Threaded – interface no longer freezes
+ Rebuilt into steam cleaner

24/12/07: V1.0.5
+ Automatic Steam Folder Detection
+ Manual Steam folder selection added also
+ Quick Steam Account Manager
+ Fixed sound spam bug.
+ Fixed accidental use on cs1.6


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