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  1. Hello I am trying to contact you regarding a client you made. It was able to replicate a server and then mass join bots to a random server with false data. I have just begun VB and am very interested in looking into this program. If you could please aid me in trying to replicate what you created I would be very grateful!



  2. Heya,
    Have a look at:

    (To get it to show in the master list)

    My program is outdated and no longer works however, the theroy should still work; Capture incoming packets, forward them to a server of your choice, get the responce, edit the packet data to have additional players etc, then send that the modified packet back to the client.

    I don’t think it’s possible to have a load of bots join a server due to steam authentication, unless the server is nosteam. Packet relay was the next best option for me.

  3. Hi, did you made wp uploader? I need help How to publish photos/text directly from phone on my wp blog.

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